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Heading 4

Have you ever asked yourself what
you wanted to be when you grew up?

Well, at age 58, with decades of experience and success as a manager and leader in healthcare, I found myself unexpectedly unemployed. Have you ever been there? It caught me completely off guard. I was devastated.

Because of that unimaginable interruption in my life, God was able to lead me into coaching and, you guessed it- I found what I wanted to be when I grew up!

Training for more than 18 months with Integral Coaching Canada ™ opened up my world. I began to understand why I did what I did in relationships, what kept tripping me up repeatedly. I came to realize that the “me” I showed other people wasn’t always as wonderful as it seemed. When asked, people would describe me as caring and compassionate- but the reason I acted that way a lot of the time was a different story. Needy, manipulative, selfish- I gotta say what I saw when I looked inside wasn’t all that pretty.

Today, I’m passionate about helping others discover what I did. We really do have choices about how we are with other people- what we think; how we act; getting to explore who we really are and then be that person instead of the one we’ve created to survive in the world and get our needs met. It’s not easy, it’s not always pretty- but it’s so worth it.

The journey for me isn’t over, probably never will be. But today, I can catch myself and examine what I am doing, speaking, or thinking and why that is. Sometimes, I make a better choice. Sometimes I don’t. But the only way I can improve is if I wake up to the real “me” instead of the “me” I used to show the world.

Kris Rowe Preview.jpg

Kris Rowe

I was fortunate to be interviewed by Brian Moselle from Moselle Natural Health for his Health Detective Podcast.
We discussed a variety of topics, including:
• How I got into coaching
•  What an Integral Master Coach is
• What the Enneagram is and why it's so valuable
• How my approach differs from other coaches
• Why boundaries are so important to set AND enforce
Thank you for listening!
... nothing has had a more positive impact, in such a short amount of time, on our marriage, as the coaching
we did with Kris!
... After a few short months of working with Kris for an hour every other week, I feel more in touch with myself than ever before. 
... Kris’ exceptional skills in helping me gain insight into myself, those I love dearly, and my relationships overall.
... The most incredible part of working with Kris was developing the insights and skills that are helping me to achieve more than I ever expected. 
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