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Statistically validated Enneagram Test and 1:1 Review with Kris

What is the Enneagram and Why Do I Want to Know More About It?

The Enneagram is a tool to help each of us understand and see more about ourselves and the ways that we show up in our world. We all have certain unconscious traits, reactions, and thoughts that occur over and over in our lives. We probably would all agree with that. What we often don’t take the time to examine is WHY we respond that way.

That’s where the Enneagram can open things up for anyone who wants to use it. The Enneagram is a personality typing system that explores and undercovers our motivation for doing what we do in the way we do it. It’s a lens, if you will, that we look out at the world with that helps us to interpret what we experience so we know how to respond.

By discovering your Enneagram type you gain the ability to look AT that lens rather than always looking through it. That awareness is what can allow you to begin to better understand yourself, your motivations and make changes, if you choose to.

A lot of people think of personality typing systems as putting a label on you or putting yourself in a box. I prefer to think that you are already in a box, the box of your personality. The Enneagram allows you to see the box!

Couples Connecting through the Enneagram

Happy Couple in Kitchen
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$297 USD

How well do you know your spouse? How well do they know you?

What if you think you know each other better than you do? 

I want you to stop and just absorb those words- “what if you think you know each other better than you do?” Consider how many times you don’t listen to them because you already know what they are going to say. How often do you make assumptions or judgments about what they said, their tone of voice or the way they look at you? 

Now consider, what if…? What if I deeply and curiously listened with an open heart? What if they did too? What if I more clearly understood why they respond the way they do instead of rolling my eyes or sighing in exasperation? What if they better understood me and what I’m really asking for? 

What if…. What if there was a tool to use to help access all of that? There is. Join me in working with the Enneagram. You will both take a statistically validated Enneagram test that will illuminate your personality type and why that matters in relationships. I will privately review the results with each of you. After that, the three of us will meet and we will talk about each of your types, your motivations for why you do what you do, your fears, what you most want, common communication triggers, and more. 

What if… you could see each other with fresh eyes and an open heart?

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