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"We have done many different types of marriage building activities and exercises in our 27 years of marriage, and nothing has had a more positive impact, in such a short amount of time, on our marriage, as the coaching we did with Kris!" 

Terri C. 

When beginning my journey with Kris as my coach my expectations were small.  I thought she would help me strategize ways to work through a simple issue.  Once we began, she was able to help me identify things in my life that were preventing me from achieving my goals, hopes and dreams.


The most incredible part of working with Kris was developing the insights and skills that are helping me to achieve more than I ever expected. Kris does this with a professional and non-threatening approach.  Her genuineness and kindness made it easier to work through some of the more difficult issues.


I highly recommend Kris, she truly has a gift. I cannot articulate my gratitude enough for the time we worked together and for what she helped me achieve. I am forever changed!

Shelly M. / Registered Nurse

When I began working with Kris, I had no desire to improve anything around me. I felt disengaged with life, family, coworkers and friends and would say things like, “I only want to maintain the status quo.” This worried me enough to contact Kris. As she introduced me to the Enneagram and what it is she could offer me through working with her as a coach, I agreed without hesitation. After a few short months of working with Kris for an hour every other week, I feel more in touch with myself than ever before. As someone who desires to keep harmony around me even at the cost of denying myself so much as a voice, I now speak up and recognize that I have a voice and my opinions do matter. I have a renewed sense of self worth and truly care for myself as much as I care about others. Kris made the experience personal, simple and realistic. I would recommend that anyone who feels they could engage with the world better to experience Coaching by Kris!


The coaching I had from Kris has had a profound impact on my life. When I first started with Kris, I was going through one of the most challenging times of my life (loss of job after 21 years, a daughter suffering from severe depression, marriage challenges). I felt a lack of control over my life – afraid, lonely, lost.

Kris’ exceptional skills helped me gain insight into myself, those I love dearly, and my relationships overall. I was often surprised at how seemingly small, subtle changes had such a positive impact on my communication with my husband and daughter.

To continue to build on my development, I engaged Kris for a second coaching program. The programs were personally tailored to my unique situation and Kris has an amazing ability to focus on key challenges and modify practices to ensure they are most effective.

Today, a “sense of inner calmness” best describes how I feel. Without Kris’ coaching and support I don’t know how I would have got through the crisis in my life. Thank you!

Janet C. / Pharmacist
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