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Maybe you want to be gentler, more accepting.  Perhaps you want to be more assertive, to find your voice at work, or in a relationship. Maybe for you, it’s about finding your calling, your purpose. Perhaps it’s about feeling worthy of… well, whatever it is you want to feel deserving of!

Everything we do together is for you- to help you see where you are, where you want to go, and where you need some different perspective or fresh insights.

So - if that sounds what you are looking for - let’s connect for a chat. It’s free; it's not scary (I promise); let’s check to see if we’re a fit.



So.. maybe coaching is what you are looking for, but you wonder what all it entails? Let me explain a bit. 

After meeting and finding out if what I offer and what you need are a match- we set up a time to talk in-depth about what you are really wanting in life, in your marriage, in other essential relationships like with your mom or dad, or a brother, sister, son, daughter. The focus of your program will be as unique as you are! We talk for an hour or so about what you are really “after”; what you want but can’t seem to figure out how to get. 

After that meeting, I will develop an individualized coaching program just for you. You and I will meet, and I will present this program as an “offer.” I will also have a couple of practices or things to do over the next two weeks. Then, we meet every two weeks or so after that. I’ll have new and different (some will even be FUN!) practices for you each time we meet. Each exercise is designed to help you gain insights and develop new abilities. 

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