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'Tis the Season for Holiday Overwhelm...

Did you read, "Are You Ready" and immediately feel your heart start to race, and then your "To Do" list begin to chaotically circle your brain?

You are not alone. It's OVERWHELM.

What image or feeling does the word overwhelm conjure up for you? Have you experienced it? Are you living it now? What causes it? How does it feel?

Feeling overwhelmed is caused by your response to real or perceived stimuli from the outside of you. The holiday vibe we all strive for has us wanting days that are merry and bright where people are considerate towards each other and show affection to one another. After all, this is the most wonderful time of the year.

In reality:

Professionally we may be feeling:

• inadequate

• that we aren't meeting expectations

• we can't do the work

• we don't like the work

• we're working in a hostile environment


• we have discord or an estranged relationship with someone who matters to

us (parent, spouse, child, grandchild,

sibling, in-law, etc,)

• too many obligations leaving no time for yourself

• someone, or yourself, is ill

• financial worries

When you are in overwhelm, you are experiencing the sensation of being unable to take control and make effective decisions. Being able to make good decisions is essential as these decisions impact your entire well-being and that of others around you.

Coaching by Kris will help you identify what is causing you to feel this way, then give you the tools necessary to create an action plan that will bring harmony and balance into your life, providing the freedom to actually be in control again.

Let’s connect and talk through a few tips and tools that may help you to overcome the feelings of overwhelm.

Wishing happiness and health to you and yours this holiday season!

~ Kris

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